Sarai – Winner Represent (Pepperjuice Remix)

Title : Winner Represent (Pepperjuice Remix)
Release Date : 9 August 2019
Format : Digital Download

SARAI is the undefeated champ once again! This time she’s teamed up with the Parisian duo Pepperjuice for this blasting remix of “Winner Represent.” Starting the year praising ‘Noughties R&B’ and dance-pop, SARAI has begun to conquer the genre of hip-hop with this anthem about knowing your destiny and having enough confidence in yourself to tackle the world. Stirring in big drops, ascending hits and a powerful breakdown, Pepperjuice have squeezed every ounce of energy into this remix of the track, lifting the trophy with SARAI.


“What first caught our attention when hearing Sarai’s track was her voice : raw & powerful yet soulful & smooth. It reminded us of Beyoncé in some way. We then focused on the instrumental and how we could flip it. We wanted to figure out how we could take “Winner Represent” far enough from the original by adding our sound signature. Contrast is one of our main objectives with Pepperjuice so we decided to take the track into the depths of Electronic & Trap music quite far from RnB/Hip-Hop in our opinion. Hope you enjoy the result!”   – Pepperjuice


“It’s about hard work and being tenacious for your dreams… overcoming and succeeding. It’s about continuing the hustle, staying on your game and winning.” –  SARAI

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